Summer Solstice: The Fruits of Life

Summer Solstice: The Fruits of Life

The arrival of the summer season, marked by the longest day and shortest night, is a time of hope, rejuvenation, and, most importantly, action. Let’s explore how to harness this energy for optimal well-being.

This Summer solstice is a truly rare and magical event with the full moon, a celestial dance that occurs only once every 18-20 years. It’s a time when the sun and the moon align, bathing the world in a unique, abundant light. Take this opportunity to bask in this cosmic spectacle, to let your imagination run wild. Cherish the joy in the little moments and become more in tune with personal growth and connection. This is an ideal time to reflect on what the rest of the year holds for you.

Embrace the golden hours. These are the moments when the world is bathed in a soft, golden light at sunrise and sunset. By rising with the sun, checklists become more manageable, and goals are accomplished faster and with more vitality. If you want to get into photography, golden hours offer sublime lighting for nature photos. Go on a nature walk now since it won’t be as hot. At this time, wildlife is plentiful, and the birds are in song. Nature walks heal the body, mind and soul, especially after a long day in the office or when busy with the kids and the hustle and bustle of being out of school.

Flower power. Flowers are in full bloom in the summer months. Flowers are an easy way to decorate and brighten your space and celebrate nature. Sunflowers are connected to the sun, so eat some sunflower seeds to invoke joy and vitality. Plus, sunflower seeds are great additions to summer salads. Grow sunflowers in the garden to bring good fortune and happiness to the household. Forge for wildflowers on nature walks and make a flower crown while out for a picnic. Sunflowers are yellow, and yellow is associated with happiness, so you “can’t not be happy” when looking at a bouquet or walking in a sunflower field with your furry friend!

BEE responsible. Bees, like the sun, play a crucial role in our ecosystem. They are the earth’s pollinators, yet they face extinction threats. Bees are diligent and responsible workers, but they also know how to appreciate the beauty around them. Summer is the perfect time to give back to your community, just as the bees do. Volunteer opportunities are abundant in the summer, particularly for local nonprofits organizing summer camps and events. Their work is vital for the world’s well-being, like bees’ pollination.

Fairy gardens. Get the kids involved this year when growing your summer garden. Fill it with plenty of native plants and flowers for pollinators. Create a fairy garden or house in a section of it. Walmart and Target have fairy and gnome supplies to help you create your own unique homes and gardens. The kids will love painting creations for the fairies and garden gnomes. Use bright paints in yellow and orange and sea foam blue. This gives the kids some fun summer activities while learning to plant and care for the garden.

Sweet as honey. Summertime is full of bountiful fruits and vegetables in season. Channel the bees and make honey the star of the season. Local honey is best since it is made from local bees and helps make allergies less severe for those who suffer from them. Make a full honey-infused meal with honey-garlic salmon, honey balsamic glazed Brussels sprouts and carrots, classic honey cake and a sweet and spicy bee’s knees cocktail. Strawberries are another summertime favorite, and since the full moon is called the Strawberry Full Moon, make a mocktail with strawberries, cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, and lime juice topped with sparkling water.

Summer is also a hectic moving season. Be sure to update ResidentShield renter’s insurance when moving into your new place.

So stay close to those who feel like sunshine this summer for a sunny state of mind!