Fire(less) Safety for the Red, White & Blue

Fire(less) Safety for the Red, White & Blue

As America’s largest birthday party approaches, it’s crucial to remember the severe fire warnings and hazards. This Independence Day, let’s prioritize fire safety. Here are some essential fire safety tips, along with fire(less) fun activities to enjoy, ensuring a responsible and aware celebration.

Safety First. Always research and adhere to local laws and regulations regarding fireworks, especially for those with a fire or burn warning—only purchase fireworks from licensed vendors. Use protective eyewear and gloves. Keep a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher nearby. Ensure fireworks are only handled by adults. It’s of utmost importance that you have a comprehensive fire safety plan that includes emergency evacuation routes and meeting points. This plan can be a lifesaver in case of emergencies. Only light fireworks one at a time and maintain a safe distance after lighting. Never relight a “dud” firework. Soak used fireworks in water before disposing of them to prevent accidental fires. Remember to keep ResidentShield renter’s insurance updated for peace of mind while having a party for the U.S.A.!

Stop, drop and roll. Kids need to keep a safe distance from the fireworks show. Use storybooks, videos and interactive apps to teach children about fire safety in a fun and engaging way. Conduct a fire drill at home so kids know what to do in an emergency. Teach kids to never play with matches, lighters or fireworks. Be sure if your kids have friends over, you are aware of their emergency contacts. Keep kids stimulated with fun activities other than fire, such as bubbles, pinwheels and festive arts and crafts. Have them create party favors, like tie-dyed shirts, dog bandanas and bows in patriotic colors. And remember, adult supervision is crucial during all festive activities.

Pawty animal. Let’s face it: no dog likes this day of celebration. It causes much anxiety for our furry friends. Create a safe space for them in a quiet and comfortable area indoors where they can feel secure. This can significantly reduce their stress levels. Use calming aids such as anxiety wraps, calming treats or pheromone diffusers to help soothe fears. Your vet can prescribe some anti-anxiety medication, but be sure to get it before the holiday since most vets will be closed. Provide pets with plenty of distractions, such as toys and treats, or play soothing music to distract pets from the noises. Check out YouTube for dogs. Always ensure pets have up-to-date identification tags if they get frightened and run away. Stay home, if possible, with them for comfort and reassurance that everything is OK! Never bring them to the city’s public fireworks display show.

Red, white and bruised. Accidents happen, so keep a handy and stocked first aid kit, including burn ointments and bandages. For burns, cool the burn with cool water for at least ten minutes. Cover with a clean, nonstick dressing. Do not apply ice or creams. If a burn blister forms, do not pop it. Cover with sterile dressing and monitor for signs of infection. In case of smoke inhalation, move to fresh air immediately. Seek medical attention if you have difficulty breathing, persistent cough or dizziness. If an eye injury occurs, do not rub or rinse the eye. Cover it with a clean cloth and seek immediate medical attention.

Glow up. If located in an area with fire restrictions, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the holiday with fireworks alternatives. Break out some glow sticks for a safe and fun time with everyone, pets included! Bring the nightclub to you, and while you are in a glowing mood, add some laser light shows. It will be like a dancefloor in the living room! If you have a pool, there are many laser lights to add to it as well. LED balloons are another illuminated glowing decoration for added fun. Some cities are now doing fireless fireworks display shows with drones, replacing traditional fireworks shows. And don’t forget the confetti poppers! These provide a fun burst of color and glitter without fire risk. Win, win!

Happy Birthday, America!