Affordable and convenient electricity for residents. Easy to sign up for your electricity plan, setup autopay, and pay your bills in RentCafe Resident Portal after you complete your lease.


Affordable renters insurance that protects your personal property and gives you liability coverage. Getting your policy is easy: simply calculate the coverage you need and complete an online application today.


A flexible alternative to costly security deposits so you can sign a lease without breaking the bank. Plus, no more worrying about getting your security deposit refunded when you move out.

Quick, easy and affordable products to get you into your new home faster.
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Office Olympics

The Summer Olympics Games are a week away, so what better way to celebrate this week with your teammates than with some friendly competitions in the office?! Let’s explore some healthy team-building office Olympic games. Participating in office Olympic games…

Food Trucks: Host the Hottest Summer Event

Food trucks have existed since ancient times, dating back to covered wagons when loggers sold food to cowboys. Nowadays, food trucks have evolved into trendy hipster influencers on social media and more. Let’s explore how to make your summer event…

Coral Reef Awareness: Shark Week 2024

Coral reefs, the “rainforest of the sea,” are a hub of biodiversity. This shark week, let’s uncover the fascinating connection between sharks and coral reefs and the potential of technology and citizen science projects for marine conservation. Ecosystem health. Sharks,…