Affordable and convenient electricity for residents. Easy to sign up for your electricity plan, setup autopay, and pay your bills in RentCafe Resident Portal after you complete your lease.


Affordable renters insurance that protects your personal property and gives you liability coverage. Getting your policy is easy: simply calculate the coverage you need and complete an online application today.


A flexible alternative to costly security deposits so you can sign a lease without breaking the bank. Plus, no more worrying about getting your security deposit refunded when you move out.

Quick, easy and affordable products to get you into your new home faster.
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Summer Solstice: The Fruits of Life

The arrival of the summer season, marked by the longest day and shortest night, is a time of hope, rejuvenation, and, most importantly, action. Let’s explore how to harness this energy for optimal well-being. This Summer solstice is a truly…

Grilling N Chilling

Long summer days call for fun in the sun and some good BBQ grilling time. Let’s explore some tasty summer recipes while also remembering to practice safety first! As a responsible renter, you know that ResidentShield renter’s insurance provides a…

Explore the World of Mushrooms

For centuries, mushrooms have been a staple used in traditional medicine in cultures worldwide. But now they suddenly seem to be popping up everywhere, and we’re not just talking about “magic” mushrooms. It’s an exciting time as mushrooms are projected…