Spring has Sprung: DIY Spring Home Décor

Spring has Sprung: DIY Spring Home Décor

The merry month of May has arrived, and what better way to feel the season than to do some DIY spring home decorating? Let’s explore some fresh ideas to brighten any mood.

Aesthetically Appealing. Design a seasonal centerpiece for your dining or coffee table using fresh flowers and colorful fruit. Incorporate natural elements such as moss, ferns or bright citrus fruits for an organic touch. The mantel is the focal point in the living room, so this should be the first thing you revamp each season. Use various items such as seasonal plants, figurines, candlesticks and books. Consider height, color and texture, but do not overcrowd. Create a festive fabric banner to hang across in floral prints or other holiday-inspired fabric designs. Think Kentucky Derby or Mother’s Day for some inspo!

Flower Power. Use dried or silk flowers to create beautiful wall art. Arrange them in patterns or create a gradient effect for a spring-inspired focal point in any room. Grab the girls or kids and make flower crowns while drinking butterfly pea tea. When not wearing the crown, hang it on the wall. Learn how to preserve spring blooms by pressing them between paper or in a flower press. Use the pressed flowers to create framed artwork, bookmarks or decorative accents for your home.

Embrace color. Use fabric paint to personalize plain doormats with stenciled designs, paints or even plant motifs. Choose colors that complement your home’s exterior for a cohesive look. Or take a walk on the wild side and let your imagination run with a seasonal design. Give old furniture pieces a fresh look by painting them with soft pastel colors, like this year’s color of the year, Peach Fuzz. Add decorative stencils or patterns for extra flair.

Office space makeover. Refresh your workspace with vibrant greenery, pastel-hued accessories, and maybe even a bouquet of fresh flowers. Add a soy candle in scents of the season, such as amber, rose, and cedarwood, to give you an added magical powerhouse boost in the mornings. These minor tweaks to your work environment can affect your work ethic and beyond.

Revamp bathrooms. Add seasonal decorative elements such as plants, artwork or stylish mirrors to create an inviting atmosphere. Use temporary peel-and-stick tiles, removable wallpaper, or decals in pretty pastels and florals. Incorporate removable fabric curtains or blinds to enhance privacy and control light. Curtains can sometimes be expensive to purchase, and the same with blinds. However, most bathroom windows are so small that a simple fabric cut is easy to DIY into a curtain. Use removable window film to add a spring style to windows. Add removable stick-on lighting solutions, such as battery-operated LED lights, to improve the ambiance. Switch out the dull light above the bathtub to a colorful one to change the lighting to suit the mood.

Feng Shui entranceway. Feng Shui teaches us how to achieve tranquility in our environment. Pay special attention to your entranceway. This is the first place guests see when they first see your home and where you are greeted when you return. Make it warm and welcoming. Keep the area clutter-free and windows cleaned so bright natural light can illuminate the space. Place stylish mirrors perpendicular to the door to make a space seem more prominent and colorful, especially in entranceways that can sometimes be dark or narrow. Plus, this allows for a last-minute outfit check before leaving!

Remember to keep up with your renter’s insurance since spring is a busy season for moving, and let ResidentShield protect you from overzealous revamps.