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Renters Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some commonly asked questions from apartment residents who want to know more about renters insurance and the ResidentShield policy.

Why do I need renters insurance?

Renters' insurance coverage shields you from having to pay out for any damages you accidentally cause to your apartment, the common building where you reside, or any other resident's property. It also shields you if you are held responsible for injury to another person. Without renters' liability insurance to shield you from unexpected accidents, you could lose your apartment and be liable for thousands of dollars in damages.

My landlord is requiring renters' liability insurance as a condition of my apartment lease. Does this renter's policy satisfy that requirement?

Speak with your property manager relating to any insurance coverage requirements that might be required. ResidentShield offers both a voluntary basic renters policy and also a voluntary stand-alone liability policy. The basic renters' policy provides both liability coverage and personal property coverage. The stand-alone liability provides insurance coverage for accidental physical injury to another person as well as damage to property caused by the insured policy holder. It does not provide coverage for your personal items if they are destroyed in a fire or other accident. We recommend you carefully consider your individual coverage requirements.

How much liability and optional personal contents coverage will I need?

Take a look at our Personal Contents Calculator to determine just how much contents coverage may be right for you.

Is my apartment roommate also covered under the ResidentShield policy?

Yes, your spouse and up to three additional adults (over 18 yrs.) can be covered under one policy. Nominal additional premium amounts may apply.

What does the ResidentShield Renters Policy Cover?*

Your renters policy provides coverage on a 'named perils' (the events that a renters insurance policy identifies as covered) basis which includes loss due to fire, lightening, windstorm, explosion, smoke, glass breakage, theft, hail, and more. The renters' policy also includes liability coverage for accidental physical injury or damage to property brought about by the insured.
The liability 'only' insurance option provides coverage against accidental physical injury and/or damage to property brought about by the insured. This option does not provide for any contents coverage.

What are my payment options?

Monthly or annual premiums can be paid by credit card, debit card or as an Electronic Funds Transfer from a checking account. We do not accept any paper payments such as checks or money orders. Savings accounts may not be used either.

*This is a general description of coverages for informational purposes only. Please refer to the actual policy for terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations.

Already a ResidentShield policy holder?

The following is a handy list of questions and answers you may have regarding some specifics of your ResidentShield Renters Insurance Policy.

While I am renting, can I cancel my liability coverage?

You have the right to cancel your policy, but you should check with your property manager to see whether you are required to maintain liability insurance as a condition of your lease.

What do I do if I have a claim?

Click the link below to complete the claims report online or call 1-800-822-2997 to speak to a claims representative 24 hours/day. Report a claim

If I have a claim, how do I prove that I own the items that have been stolen or destroyed?

Your claim adjuster will ask you to provide records and documents that substantiate ownership of the personal property. These can include but are not limited to receipts of purchase, credit card statements, owner's manuals, photographs or a video inventory of your personal property. We encourage all policyholders to store photographs or a video inventory of their personal property at an off-site location.

What if I move, what happens to my policy?

If you move to a new apartment within the same community, your policy remains in force - however please contact ResidentShield to update your address information as soon as possible. If you move to another apartment community please contact ResidentShield so we may cancel your old ResidentShield policy and rewrite a new policy at your new location.

If I have a claim will my premium go up?

No, your premium rates will not increase.

Can I transfer my policy to my roommate?

No, we are unable to change the name on the policy. If you are moving out, you will need to cancel your policy and your roommate will need to purchase their own policy.

Can I purchase a short term policy?

Yes, you can choose to pay for your policy monthly rather than annually. However, you must call to cancel the policy in order to stop the monthly payments.

What is Water/Sewer Coverage?

This covers damages to contents when water backs up from a sewer or sump pump. This endorsement applies when there is an issue with the sewage line from the street that causes the sewage to flow back into the apartment. It does not cover flooding, seepage, etc.

What is Pet Damage Coverage?*

Pet damage coverage offers you $500 in liability coverage in the event of Pet Damage to the apartment. This endorsement applies after the pet deposit and security deposit has been exhausted.

*Available in most states.

Still have questions?

Please review our Renters Insurance Policy Features and Coverage for more policy-related questions, or phone us at 1-800-566-1186 to speak to a licensed insurance representative during normal business hours. You can also Email us 24/7 by clicking here.

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