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Why do I need Renters Insurance?

About Renters Insurance

Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen. We get car insurance, homeowners insurance and health insurance to be on the safe side. But what if you are a renter? Who protects your belongings and makes sure you are not held responsible for personal or property damage at your apartment?

If you rent an apartment, condo, or home, rental insurance is your safeguard against property loss and personal liability.

Imagine the following scenarios:

  • What if all your clothes, TV, computer, furniture, and other belongings were destroyed by fire? Could you replace them, immediately, out of pocket?
  • Could you be held liable if your friends or family were injured on the apartment grounds or in your apartment?
  • What if your apartment unit was broken into and your personal property was stolen, how would your belongings be replaced?

Fire. Injury. Robbery. These are just a few reasons why people get apartment renters insurance. It is up to you to protect your belongings and prepare for the unexpected with rental insurance. Whether you are looking for apartment rental insurance or insurance to cover your storage rental, ResidentShield has the coverage to help you get back on your feet if those bad things happen.

Rental insurance with ResidentShield can help:

  • protect you against the financial risk associated with property damage
  • insure full replacement value for your personal property and that of your neighbors
  • provide you with quick payment for approved claims
  • provide you with temporary living expenses over and above your normal living expenses if your apartment is covered in the loss
  • give you peace of mind!

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