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Renters Insurance

Getting renters insurance will offer you protection in case of an unfortunate event that can cause partial or total loss of personal property including furniture, clothing, electronic equipment, jewelry, and other personal belongings.


The ResidentShield Renters Insurance Plan gives you peace of mind knowing that you are protected in case of:

  • Fire, windstorm, lightning, theft, vandalism
  • Personal liability (including liability provision for dog bites)
  • Accidental injuries of guests while at your residence


If you are concerned about renters insurance costs and pricing, consider the fact that with ResidentShield you can get renters insurance coverage in case of all of the above for as little as 43cents/day.

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Insurance products are made available through Peak Insurance Advisors, LLC, a subsidiary of Yardi Systems, Inc. Peak Insurance Advisors, LLC (License # NPN 12718745) is a licensed insurance agent and is compensated by the Insurer for placing this coverage. The renters insurance product offered through Peak Insurance Advisors, LLC is underwritten by Praetorian Insurance Company. Praetorian maintains its principal place of business at Wall Street Plaza, 88 Pine Street, NY, NY 10005. QBE FIRST is the Renters insurance program manager for Praetorian Insurance Company (California Certificate of Authority Number 8725). Product and coverage options are subject to availability by state. See the actual policy for terms, conditions, limitations and/or exclusions that may apply.