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Renters Insurance Calculator

When considering renters insurance, the first thing to think about is how much personal property coverage and how much liability coverage you need. Renters insurance costs will vary based on the total value and replacement value of your belongings.

To protect you against any liability lawsuits that may occur in the event of an accident at your residence, all ResidentShield renters insurance policies include a personal liability coverage of $100,000.

How much is renters insurance?

You can estimate the value of your possessions using the ResidentShield renters insurance calculator below. Based on that estimate, you'll receive an accurate quote that will represent the full cost of your renters insurance, including liability coverage.

Enter the estimated values of your belongings in the categories listed below to get the renters insurance plan that best fits your needs:

Category Estimated Value Category Estimated Value
Clothing: $ Furniture: $
Electronics, MP3 players, Computers: $ CDs, Video Games, DVDs: $
Silverware, Dishes, China, Cookware: $ Appliances: $
Landscaping Equipment, BBQ Grill: $ Jewelry: $
Cameras, video recorders, Books: $ Tools: $
Guns: $ Miscellaneous: $

Total estimated value of personal property: $00.00

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